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The Mets blew it, but the Phillies have nothing to brag about

It’d be different if the Phils won the world series or something real. But to get wiped out in the playoffs makes the Mets collapse a little easier to take.

You have win something to talk smack. Backing into the Eastern Division “title” is a very small victory. I mean it’s much better than finishing second or third but it’s nothing to be boasting about. You are still a loser.

I guess these Phillie writers suffer from a tad of penis envy. Obviously, they feel inadequate. And while they may brag of making more money then the bloggers, they certainly make a lot less than the New York Sports writers who cover the Mets. Saying you make more money than a blogger is like celebrating the Phils playoff appearance. The goal is to win a world series not to win a game in the playoffs.

Interestingly, some of these writer may be looking over their shoulders at the really good bloggers, just as the Phils will be worrying about the Mets in 2008.

The 2007 Mets had no chance to win the world series even if they made the playoffs (although they may well have done better than the Phils). The Mets choked for sure, but the Phils have nothing to be drinking champaign over, and most likely they won’t be drinking champaign for anything meaningful for a long, long time. They are not that good.

There is a writer for the Phils named conlin who wrote this in response to an email from a Phillies fan who thought the Mets David Wright deserved the MVP.  Conlin doesn’t believe the guy is a Phillies fan, but I am pretty sure that is just another thing Conlin is wrong about:


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