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Dan Dubelman is an innovative, new-media marketing executive with true leadership qualities. He is a high-energy, and self-directed manager who uses his analytical abilities to break down problems and offer strategic solutions. As the first ever head of Fox Kids Online Entertainment, Dan worked closely with operations, technology, IT and the legal department to develop cutting-edge kid-safe entertainment that built the foundation for the future while supporting the existing needs of the Fox brand. In 1996 as Manager of Online Entertainment for Fox Kids in Los Angeles, he served on the Global Online Task Force for News Corp, where he interacted with Rupert Murdoch and the top executives at News Corp regarding new-media partnerships, eCommerce, customer support, site optimization, quality assurance, user experience, etc .

Dubelman had a deep passion for community building from the beginning, recognizing the value of establishing a two-way communication with the customers. At Fox, he learned that a strong, online community is a key component in successful eCommerce. Technology provides unique, scientific methods to reach niche audiences in meaningful ways, provided the marketing department understands the possibilities and requirements as the tools expand. Today, there are unprecedented ways to gather, analyze and interrupt the data. Targeted ads on Facebook provide opportunities to exploit this information. As an avid user of Facebook and Twitter, Dan has the background to develop strategy and practical tactics to support the overall vision.

Dan also has experience in traditional media. Dubelman started as a child star; he won a Gold Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. Growing up around movie sets, ad agencies and production offices, Dan learned the business from many different perspectives. As new-media grew, Dan saw the marketing opportunities and understood that the technology could provide an opportunity to build a niche markets through reasonably priced scientific experiments in the real world.

While Dan has broad knowledge with respect to sales, marketing, business, and production, he also has very specific insight into new-media, which gives him an advantage with regard to needs of the customer. Dan is able to establish metrics that help survey the competitive landscape, in an effort to identify future trends. At the same time, he has a history making tight deadlines and staying on budget. His trademark has been to deliver high quality product by successfully merging the creative work with the business thinking. Dan is willing to relocate.


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Masters degree in Fiction.

Scholarship and fellowship.

Studied with John Barth, Edward Albee, and Steve Dixon.

Taught English and writing.

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Bachelors degree in English.

Studied with Alison Lurie. Dean’s list.

Oxford University, Oxford, UK

Studied Shakespeare and Chekhov


• LA Music Awards “Most Creative Marketing”, Gold Lion from the Cannes Film Festival

• Scholarship and fellowship to Johns Hopkins for fiction writing

• Finalist for Chesterfield Film Award for scriptwriting


Dan Dubelman Productions/ Daz Unlimited , Los Angeles, CA May 1998-present

Executive Producer. Worked with clients to set overall vision, including live events such as recording, touring; coordination with online community building, using elements of traditional media to enhance social media campaigns.  Managed PR, radio promotion, and social media contacts for clients.  Lead producer for clients, product manager for online video from product development through implementation, including the sound, editing, and digital distribution through viral video marketing.  Developed marketing strategy and coordinated eCommerce efforts between programmers and marketing leads, for entertainment brands such as Sony, Universal, Mandalay, VidLit  (for many major clients) and other media companies; produced the presentation for those efforts.  Developed programs designed to gather data to enhance future marketing initiatives; developed and created collateral marketing material for albums, books, online and television, as well as developed the video and audio for presentation to corporate decision-makers.  Specializing in production services for social media: video, scoring and data tracking and analysis.

Youbet.Com September 1999 – October 2000

Executive Producer, New Media.  Brand manager responsibilities for the sports product at Youbet.com (the largest live internet broadcaster at the time).  Created marketing plan for the ultimate sports destination web site with 100 simultaneous live streams to be licensed to Station Casinos.    Produced dynamic sports web site with wagering capability including self-perpetuating social media content plan using local blogs and video to support sports content creation. Developed fantasy sports model, based on wagering for points and prizes.  Developed marketing strategy for: community population, maintenance, revenue and sabotage.  Managed outside vendors such as, PR firm, web-production firm, and video production house.  Facilitated communication between technology, operations and marketing departments.  Consulted regarding information architecture and UE fundamentals.  Produced products and online marketing for Bingo in South America and fantasy wagering for Nevada. Produced original video concepts for Las Vegas casinos for integration into new media outlets.  Consulted on horse racing online new media marketing and strategy.

Producer/Product Manager /Executive Los Angeles, CA 1996-1999

Nirve Sports Beverly Hills, CA

Vice President, New Media including, product management for web site for eCommerce, online marketing and advertising efforts for this online extreme sports equipment company; Product manager for social media efforts. Produced and directed television commercials for Nirve bikes that aired on Fox Sports Network and online.

Universal Studios, Universal City, CA

Producer, teen project for Universal New Media.  Duties included: Online marketing and production, field research, technical consulting including eCommerce solutions, digital security, creating business and marketing plans, including presentations and production of the support material.  Writer/Producer for Splam, an online joint venture between Universal and Attitude Network.  Headed marketing initiatives for Splam including forming strategic online relationships with Tower Records and Nabisco.

IXL/BoxTop Interactive, Los Angeles, CA

Producer, Marketing Consultant for Doritos’ World’s Loudest Band campaign.  Site design and production, coordinated hosting, back-end online marketing and eCommerce.  Other projects: Hollywood Stock Exchange (the world’s largest virtual stock market), Sun Entertainment, Media & Sports and Cartoon Network for AOL.

Fox Broadcasting Company, Los Angeles, CA

Manager Online Entertainment, First ever Executive-in-charge of New Media for Fox Kids Network including product management of web products, public relations, online marketing, digital rights, eCommerce and finance. Established many protocols that are still in use today.  Consultant on new media projects including launch of Teletext service in UK.  Coordinated efforts between Technology and Operations.

Producer/Manager New York, NY 1988-1995

General Manager for sound stages, produced music, also wrote and directed television pilot, “Mister Rock and Roll.” Coordinated shoots, includin

Sports Highlights:

Orange Bowl International tennis tournament

Nashville Municipal Men’s Tennis 40 consolation winner

US Open ‘A’ Division Paddle Tennis Quarter finalist


Background in management consulting or market research in new online media marketing.

Excellent negotiating and people skills.

Expertise in all Microsoft Office tools.

Proficient on MAC computer platforms.

Proficient in Final Cut Studio, including Motion, Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro and Logic.

Knowledge of XHTML, CSS and PHP and utilizing WordPress as a platform for search engine optimization.

Strong analytical and financial skills.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a fast paced environment.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Six year of experience in artist development, music management and knowledge of the digital music.


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