considering social media content management systems

Third-party tools help control social media load
by Dana Kohlbeck
OCTOBER 18, 2010

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and more: As marketers, we’ve experimented with these new mediums with the understanding that social media is now a permanent and important component of business marketing.

But with the plethora of social media platforms to squeeze into our already strained schedules, how do we effectively manage it all?

Along with the influx of online networking platforms, we should consider social media content management systems — third-party applications to help maximize our social media efforts. From managing content, customizing each platform for your customers and measuring campaign success, these third-party tools can be budget friendly, time efficient and serve as a helpful resource for new ideas and to learn how other companies are executing.

If you’re looking to maximize both time and reach within social media platforms, look to applications such as HooteSuite or SocialOomph. These tools allow you to update multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one platform, as well as pre-schedule messages for consistency and strategic time release.

According to a recent business.com study, 81 percent of marketers use social media to build brand awareness. What better way to spread the brand message than to customize your social media platforms to reflect that brand?

Create a brand channel on YouTube that reflects the look, feel and tone of your brand or add a personal welcome landing tab on your Facebook page with direct messaging or customer quizzes and contests. With tools such as BuddyMedia and North Social, these customization processes are simple and cost effective.

Content management platforms not only help to execute campaigns, but are also effective for measuring program success and gathering valuable consumer insight. Use these tools to find more about the people interacting with your content on Facebook or who responded to your Twitter feeds.

Determine which content is most viewed and shared with others, or which messages have low visits and should be tweaked. Tools such as ObjectiveMarketer, Virture and Spredfast provide reporting analytics. Virtue, in particular, has turned a few heads in the marketing field for its ability to estimate social media campaign value and return on investment projections — which is sure to help get the attention of your CFO.

Experiment with these tools to find out which are a good fit for your company and program goals. Then dive deeper into the social media possibilities to propel your online marketing programs and drive customer engagement to a new level.

Dana Kohlbeck is an account manager for Coalesce Marketing & Design Inc. in Appleton. She can be reached at 920-380-4444 or dana@coalescemarketing. com.

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