Social Media Now Has A role In Corporate Travel

Social Media Finds a Role in Corporate Travel

Social media has evolved to play a role in business travel programs. While half (50%) of respondents said that they use social media to some extent to support travel management today, mid-size companies ($3M to $10M USD in air volume) were the largest adopters (59%) of social media to support business travel management to date.

Many respondents indicated that the primary benefit of social media in supporting managed travel is educating themselves or their organization about the market. In fact, 44 percent indicated that staying on top of the latest travel information was the most important social media benefit. This response was followed closely by the interest in using social networking to learn and communicate best practices and reduce business travel costs (43%). Other findings include:

— 42% use social networking to look for preferred vendors and services from travelers

— 34% seek to uncover travel patterns that could lend to better vendor rates and services

— 27% look to gain visibility into traditionally siloed business functions/departments

— 26% use social media tools to encourage travelers to network with each other

— 18% network with other travel manager/procurement officer peers

Customization and Oversight Desired For Expanded Social Media Use

Of those survey respondents who do use social media to support travel management, when asked specifically what features or functionality would they add if they could design their own social media tools for professional use, the majority (61%) indicated they wanted flexibility to accommodate business travel management processes. Other top ranking features/functionality include:

— Real time updates such as mobile application, the ability to push out notifications and alerts (39%)

— Supervision of the entire social media sharing process and specific monitoring of those who are using social media tools (35%)

— Reporting ability — notification to website abuse, comments and security issues (29%)



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